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Splinter Cell: Blacklist confirmed for PS3 and PC, Ironside pulled as Fisher

Ubisoft's confirmed Splinter Cell: Blacklist will come to PS3 and PC alongside Xbox 360.

Ubisoft has yet to actually press release anything from its press conference last night to UK journalists as far as we know, so this is the first confirmation we've gotten of Triple and K+M versions. The versions are listed at the end of the dev diary below.

The last Splinter Cell title, Conviction, was a 360 and PC exclusive with the last PS3 installment being Double Agent.

The game's first dev diary also has confirmation of established series actor Michael Ironside stepping aside as Sam Fisher. Ironside's played the character since the first game, but he will be staying on as a consultant of sorts to the new actor playing him.

Get the video below.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist launches next spring. Get the first trailer for it here.

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