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Splatoon becomes Nintendo's latest million-seller, Wii U hits 10M lifetime

Nintendo released its Q1 fiscal report today, and along with posting a profit, the firm announced Splatoon has become its latest million-seller.


Other good news for the company, Wii U hit the 10 million units sold mark during the quarter, but for the three-month period ending June 30, sales of the console were down year-over-year to 470,000 units compared to 510,000 units in 2014.

3DS systems sold just over one million units in Q1 compared to 820,000 units year-on-year.

Nintendo didn't publish sales figures for amiibo, but the company said sales were "favorable".

The company announced Splatoon sold 1.62 million units since its May launch. This figure includes both retail and digital sales. Wii U titles in total sold 4.55 million units worldwide.

3DS games moved 7.92 million units compared to 8.57 million units year-over-year.

In the same quarter last year Nintendo made a ¥9.9 billion loss, but that is now an ¥8.3 billion net profit ($67 million).

For the quarter, Nintendo reported ¥90.2 billion ($729 million) in revenue, up 21% year-on-year, compared to the a ¥9.9 billion loss, for the same quarter last year.

You can look over the full financial report yourself through this PDF link.


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