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Spielberg: Selling Dreamworks to EA was "the smartest and dumbest thing I ever did"


Steven Spielberg's kicking himself. Had he not bailed on Medal of Honor's development and sold DWI to EA in 2000, he'd be rich by now. Oh.

"The smartest and dumbest thing I ever did was to sell my company to EA," the bespectacled movie oligarch told Reuters.

"Medal of Honor was almost done and we made the decision to sell Dreamworks Interactive to Electronic Arts and had we not sold, we would have been able to stay in business just based on the success of Medal of Honor."

Don't worry, though. He's paradoxically pleased he did what he did. Make your mind up, Steve-o.

"But it was very smart also for us to sell to a company that was better equipped and better managed to be able to take Medal of Honor into the international market and really make a commercial success out of it," he said.

Glad that's sorted. Spielberg's latest game project, Boom Blox: Bash Party, ships for Wii next week.

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