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This is what Spider-Man would have looked like if the Mortal Kombat dev made it

Knocking enemies out in Spider-Man may not have looked so different from Mortal Kombat fatalities if NetherRealm had made the game.

Spider-Man is a game full of action, and combat where you can knock enemies out dozens of different ways. Because it's a T-rated game, so we get the cartoony, less violent version of things.

But that's not the route Mortal Kombat maker NetherRealm would have taken had they been entrusted with developing Spider-Man. Mortal Kombat co-creator and NetherRealm creative director Ed Boon shared a small glimpse of how much violent the studio's take would have been.

This is obviously not footage of some early prototype, only very carefully edited sequences from Spider-Man with Mortal Kombat fatalities. It honestly looks very convincing, and I would personally like to see an M-rated Spider-Man.

Of course, having a lower age rating is part of what made Spider-Man so successful. We can only hope NetherRealm's next project isn't far off.

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