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Spencer: Kinect to be "the biggest platform launch ever," no need for 3D right now "from creative standpoint"


Microsoft Game Studios' Phil Spencer has told Eurogamer the launch of Kinect will be the biggest for any one platform. "Ever."

Spencer did admit there were still consumers who were still skeptical about buying it, but was still confidant on the motion system's success.

"We're investing in this so people will know Kinect is here," he said.

"Retailers are telling us from their buzz and what they hear from people walking the store asking questions that this is going to be the biggest consumer home electronics launch of this year, and they're gearing up towards that.

"Given all the momentum that I see and the way we're investing, I'll bet this is the biggest platform launch ever."

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has already said the company expects to sell 3 million units of Kinect by Christmas, while Kinect boss Kudo Tsunoda's said it will "blow away iPad sales."

Kinect launches worldwide in November.

No need for 3D right now "from a creative standpoint"

As for 3D, a feature Sony is pushing hard with PS3, Spencer said he didn't see the big fuss over it "from a creative standpoint."

"The first few times it was novel, but I think we're going to want to see some kind of evolutionary step and creativity in using 3D that will really drive consumer demand," he said.

"You see that even on the silver screen - when 3D movies came out it used to spike box office sales. Now the novelty has worn off a little bit and people are saying well, what is remarkable about this?"

There's a full interview through there. Spencer was speaking at TGS.

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