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Spearhead Games announce co-op puzzler Tiny Brains as debut project

A group of developers who worked on franchises including Assassin's Creed and Army of Two have formed Spearhead Games. The new team today announced its first project, known as Tiny Brains.

This co-op action puzzler is a world away from sneaking around rooftops and talking about sex with animals. A pesky scientist has been providing mammals with a spot of upgrading, providing four creatures with force, vortex, teleport and create powers. This experiment goes wrong (or is that, right?) when the animals decide they will use these powers to escape.

Spearhead founders Simon Darveau (AC3 design director), Atul Mehra (Army of Two franchise director) and Malik Boukhira (Dead Space 3 designer) are hoping to release Tiny Brains later this year on yet-to-be-announced platforms.

Cheers, Shack.

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