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South Park: Stick of Truth team had to cut down 850-page script, content might form future episodes

South Park: Stick of Truth writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone have discussed how the game's 850-page script was trimmed down to fit the game, and how they would rather the content be used in future episodes instead of DLC. When add-on content was suggested Parker said, "F**k that." Nice.

Reporting on a Comic-Con panel session, Polygon says that both writers drew influence for the game from Skyrim, Paper Mario, Earthbound and The Legend of Zelda series.

Parker stated, "I really loved playing Skyrim, as many people did. I was like 'Let's do this. This is easy.'" He and Stone then got to work on the script which ballooned to 850-pages and caused the team to joke about a "holiday season 2032" release date before developer Obsidian Entertainment urged them to trim it down.

He added that Obsidian kept saying, "cut it down, cut it down, cut it down," and that everyone kept saying to us [make that extra content] DLC."

After the Comic-Con crowd booed the idea Parker added, "and I agree... f**k that," added, "Somehow or another, this s**t will get out there," suggesting that the content could form the basis of future show episodes.

He continued, "We did have this whole delusion of actually incorporating the game into the season, but that sounds like a b***h. We really just wanted it to be that you could pick it up anywhere and it would kind of make sense."

There's still no solid release date for the game under new publisher Ubisoft, but as always we'll be keeping an eye out for an announcement.

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