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Players are using SoulCalibur 6's character customization to give Lizardman an enormous knob

SoulCalibur 6's create-a-soul mode is impressive stuff - so of course fans are using it to corrupt characters and troll online.

There's quite a lot of great creations out there thanks to SoulCalibur 6's properly brilliant create a character mode - we've seen stuff like The Witcher's Ciri, Warcraft's Tyrande, Kingdom Hearts' Aqua and even Marvel's Thanos, but the best thing we've seen so far is, er, Lizardman with a massive, comically over-sized penis.

Not safe for work, obviously. And extremely childish. But hey, it's Friday. Take a look:

Achieved by using the Apple, Cylinder and Heart items in the create-a-soul mode, this is the Lizard create-a-character (who isn't actually the Lizardman from previous games but rather just another random Lizard Man) with, well, a huge knob. Naturally, players are already using this to troll online, pairing this nefarious design with Voldo's move set - a stance that is naturally full of crotch-thrusting action, as seen in the video posted by twitter user AltZero, who in turn credits the creation to Nordaen.

It's hard not to laugh at this, obviously, but as a PEGI 16 game there's probably now at least something of a duty of moderation on Bandai Namco's part to stop the online use of these three body parts in this way - a few non-lizard variants are already up on reddit and somehow they're even worse - though this version is by far the funniest online so far.

SoulCalibur 6 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and we praised it quite a bit in our review, including its extensive create-a-soul mode - and now you can see why. Game of the year?

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