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Sony: Only a "very small percentage" of PSN users canceled their accounts over hack

Sony president Kazuo Hirai has said only a "very small percentage" of folks have called into the customer support centers in order cancel their PSN accounts over the recent hacking fiasco.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Hirai said, however, that it was still too early "to draw conclusions based on those findings."

In addition, CEO Howard Stringer told WSJ that the experience while not positive, will be good for consumer protection in the long run, thanks to the attention the hacking received.

"Our case, unfortunately, is so large and the scale of the PlayStation Network so big that it's forced a lot of attention to be paid," he said. "In the long run, that'll be good for everybody else but it hasn't been a wonderful experience for Sony.

"We had no reason to believe that our security was not good and still no reason to believe it because we have plenty of people looking at it. We've learned that we just have to keep improving our security. "We have to earn back the trust and loyalty we may have lost in this circumstance. That's our goal and that's one we have to reach."

However, Stringer said there is no way to make PSN 100 percent secure, as no system is hack proof in this day and age.

PSN online play was brought back up in the US and UK on Sunday.

Thanks, Dtoid.

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