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Too many mid-game disconnects on PS5? Sony might be making a DualSense with a better battery

The DualSense V2 should fix all your battery-life woes.

Sony appears to be releasing a new DualSense controller with a larger battery capacity, so you can finally stop complaining about yours dying (at a cost, of course).

Ah, the age old debate: PlayStation controllers, or Xbox controllers? Each has their benefits, each has their flaws, and those two things will depend on the person. Easily one of the biggest differences between the two of them is that since the days of the Xbox 360, the Microsoft console's controllers opted to use AA batteries, whereas the PS3 opted for rechargeable controllers. That's true right through to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but the problem is the DualSense just doesn't last as long as you might want it to, particularly if you play a lot. But, as spotted by Resetera user ezidro3 (thanks, IGN), that might soon be less of a problem, as the DualSense might be getting a battery update.

While it's since been removed, a Best Buy Canada listing seems to have revealed a Sony DualSense V2 controller. The differences? Absolutely nothing on the inside, but apparently it will have an "exceptional 12-hour battery life, on a full charge." The full listing notes that a DualSense charging station is also included alongside the controller, sold at $90CAD, the same price as the controller is currently sold for on Best Buy Canada without a charging station. So if you haven't picked up a charging station yet, you're looking for a second controller, or you just want one with a better battery life so you can keep playing Fortnite and get that victory royale or whatever, it's sounding like a pretty good deal.

No release date was listed anywhere, so who knows when it'll drop - it's always possible a surprise State of Play is on the way where the new version of the controller will be announced, though it seems like something that's probably insignificant enough to just reveal on Twitter, if at all. In the meantime, just keep your eyes peeled.

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