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Sony domain registrations tease two new Wipeout titles

A pair of domain registrations point to new entries in the WipEout racing series.

SystemLink turned up both registrations, one for Wipeout Trinity, dating back to November 2010, and another for Wipeout 2048, made last month.

Both registrations are associated with SCEE contact details, and the domains each redirect to official PlayStation sites.

Wipeout 2048 is the name given for a rumoured NGP launch title.

As with everything over the next month, keep this in mind for E3 - we're expecting a major NGP showcase, but fingers crossed the PlayStation 3 finally gets some full-release Wipeout love - or even an HD collection.

The anti-gravity racing series was a major power during the PSOne and PS2 eras, and Sony wisely acquired developers Pysgnosis - now SCEE Liverpool - nabbing the franchise exclusive. The most recent release was 2008's Wipeout HD, a revamped version released as a downloadable title for the PS3.

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