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Sony belittles FFXIII move to 360

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Speaking to MTV at E3 last week, SCEA marketing exec Peter Dille played down Microsoft's FFXIII 360 announcement, saying he thought the decision would bear little fruit for the console.

"What you have with Final Fantasy XIII is a lot like what they’ve paid for with GTA," he said. "It’s not an exclusive on their platform. It’s now a cross-platform game... If you look at how GTA behaved in the marketplace and how it drove — or didn’t drive — either console, that’s what I’m talking about. Consumers responded to GTA on the PS3 just as they did on the 360. And it becomes a bit of a jump ball.

"But it didn’t rise the tide for them. And I think if you fast forward to when Final Fantasy XIII comes out I think you’re going to have millions of people who grew up playing Final Fantasy on the PlayStation playing it on a PlayStation 3. They spent a lot of money, I’m sure, to get Final Fantasy onto the 360 but at the end of the day it’s on our platform as well."

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