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The best-looking Sonic game since Sonic Mania will start life as an Apple Arcade exclusive

A new character, Ariem, has also been thrown into the mix.

Key artwork for Sonic Dream Team, featuring Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit, and Ariem
Image credit: SEGA

Yesterday (November 1), SEGA unveiled that the latest game in the Sonic series - Sonic Dream Team - will soon be arriving on Apple Arcade. This 3D-action platformer is dripping with style, and its trailer looks promising. If I say so myself, it looks a hell of a lot better than Sonic’s previous mobile adventure with Netflix Games, Sonic Prime Dash.

If you’re hoping to give Sonic Dream Team a whirl, you’ll need yourself an iOS device and an Apple Arcade subscription once the game comes to the service on December 5. Keen fans can also search for the game in the App Store right now to opt in for a notification of when it is available to play.

Sonic Dream Team’s trailer reminds me an awful lot of Sonic Heroes from 2003, which was one of my favourite games for a long time. That said, Sonic Dream Team is definitely a vast visual improvement on Sonic Heroes, and will no doubt feature a lot less jank, too.

Cream the Rabbit soars through one of Sonic Dream Team's 12 levels
Image credit: SEGA

In Sonic Dream Team, Dr. Eggman has stumbled upon The Reverie. This powerful device allows those who dare to manifest dreams in the real world, and it’s up to Sonic and co. to put a stop to his evil plans.

While doing so, Sonic and his friends will no longer be exploring Green Hill, and will instead be navigating nightmarish dreamscapes conjured up by Dr. Eggman while in hot pursuit of the evil mastermind.

Sonic Dream Team will feature six playable characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Rouge the Bat, and Cream the Rabbit. Each character will fit into one of three different movement types that can be employed while trying to make your way through the game's 12 levels.

If you pay close attention to the trailer, too, you’ll even catch a glimpse of the all-new character, Ariem. The character, who bears resemblances to a ram, has a name that is a play on both the Aries astrological sign and REM sleep, where dreams happen (thanks, Fandom.) It’s not yet known how Ariem will be featured in the game, but given her namesake, we can imagine she’ll be vital in helping Sonic and the team defeat Dr. Eggman.

Tails is in a boss fight with a robotic Dr. Eggman in Sonic Dream Team
Image credit: SEGA

Sonic Dream Team isn’t the only SEGA title you can enjoy on Apple Arcade either, if you want to make sure you’re getting your money's worth. There’s Sonic Dash+ (a predecessor to Sonic Prime Dash), Football Manager 2023 Touch, and Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go, too.

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV that costs £7.99 / $9.99 a month, with Sonic Dream Team arriving on December 5, 2023. No other platforms for the game have been announced. If you’re still not sure about that, take a look at some of the best Apple Arcade games to play right now to help inform your decision!

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