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The original Nintendo PlayStation is too expensive, so someone made their own

Saved 'em a good $300,000.

The original Nintendo PlayStation prototype was found a few years ago, but it sold for a ridiculous price, so a YouTuber took it upon themselves to make their own.

Back in 2020, the incredibly (nay, super?) rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype sold for more than $300,000 at auction, a sum most of us obviously can't afford. For those that don't know, after the NES, Nintendo and Sony worked together to make a new console, of which around 200 prototypes were made (though most are now lost or destroyed). That partnership obviously didn't work out, hence why the prototype is worth so much. So of course, that led console modder Games_for_James to make his own, though it's just a little bit different from the original.

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As seen in the video above showing off the build, the first thing you'll notice is that it isn't cartridge based. Instead, the disc drive is just kind of poking its head out of the custom console like a meerkat on watch duty. The main thing James had to do with the build is essentially force a bunch of PlayStation innards inside a Super Famicom shell, which unsurprisingly isn't the simplest thing to do in the world. There were numerous issues, like putting cables in the right places, soldering plenty of bits and bobs, and having to fit in the PlayStation memory card and controller ports. A lot of this was solved by just cutting things and hot glue, but hey, whatever gets the job done right?

It's a bit of a wild build, and personally, I wouldn't recommend attempting the same unless you know what you're doing (and have a lot of hot glue experience), and it really doesn't seem like the optimal way to treat your discs. The full video is worth a watch if just for the novelty of it, and is a bit of a silly look into a reality different from our own.

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