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Solatorobo follow up in the works at CyberConnect2

Ever chatty CyberConnect2 boss Hiroshi Matsuyama has confirmed the studio has plans for a new Solatorobo title.

Matsuyama confirmed the news with Hitsuzen no Deai (Spanish, via auto-translate) at a Namco Bandai event in Barcelona, but could not give any release or platform information.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter released on DS in Japan in late 2010 before making its way west in 2011. It's a spiritual successor to PSOne Classic Tail Concerto, but not a sequel, as a game planned for in between the two instalments was largely shelved and recycled as a public safety campaign.

CyberConnect2 is super busy of late; it's working on a new .hack as well as the latest Naruto Shippuden and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Thanks, Jose_Strife.

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