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SOE reveals working MMO title EverQuest Next at Fan Faire


SOE has announced details - although scant - on its new MMO in development at its annual Fan Faire event in Las Vegas.

According to EQwire, who liveblogged the reveal, the MMO is currently titles EverQuest Next, but SOE said it's a working name only.

The game will hearken back to EverQuest 1 but be more stylized and a re-imagining of the series instead of a direct progression of EQ1 and EQ2. It will, however, contain some familiar settings.

SOE said it is keeping some of the contents from both games, but changing others and it will contain more interesting and engaging combat and was designed from the ground up with PvP in mind.

The firm's president, John Smedley, told panel attendees the team is focusing on pulling more from EQ1 than EQ2 as the developers are aware of the vast difference between the two. The storyline will also play out in a way that doesn't include clicking through NPC dialog boxes, as the world should change around the player.

"We haven’t announced the game because it’s still early in development," Smedley told the crowd. "We haven’t even decided on raid and group sizes."

Sounds neat.

Massively has a couple in-game shots of it, which you should seriously check out if you're an EverQuest fan.

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