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Sniper Elite V2 dev explains why Wii U build is best

Sniper Elite V2 was recently announced for a Wii U release, along with a slew of bespoke features. Developer Rebellion has explained why this will be the best version of the game in a new interview.

Speaking with Nintendo Life, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley spooled off a list of the Wii U build's unique features.

"Sniper Elite has always been about letting players think carefully about how to execute their missions, " he said. "Marking patrols, planning the perfect vantage point, setting traps to defend your position...but the Wii U’s GamePad really dials up the tactical elements of the game and makes them that much more satisfying.

"Using the GamePad a player can now track the exact positions of any patrols they’ve ‘tagged’ in real-time, and locate any explosives they’ve set – in fact the map even tells you the diameter of their explosions, so you can work out exactly when to set them off for maximum carnage.

"These are all things you can’t do on the current console and PC versions. The fact that it’s all at a glance too – rather than hidden away in a menu — means you can react quicker. That’ll come in handy because the game can get pretty tough if you’re spotted."

You will also be able to keep track of Agent Fairburne's heart rate, which is an integral mechanic when lining up killer shots over long distance.

Meanwhile, Sniper Elite V2's next DLC pack has been announced. Check it out here.

What do you make of the Wii U GamePad now it's been out there for a while? It is still a gimmick, or can you see it being put to good use in months to come?

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