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Skyrim Anniversary Edition rated for Switch in Taiwan

The rating popped up earlier this week.

Looks like Switch users may finally get their hands on Skyrim Anniversary Edition if a listing from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee is any indication.

The listing was found by Switch Brasil and it definintly lists the game for Switch.

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Released for all platforms back in November, save for Switch, this entry in the series is the most comprehensive as it comes with the main game and all of its expansions plus 500 Creation Club mods along with new quests.

The extra content also includes four Creations such as fishing, Survival Mode, the Saints and Seducers creation, and the ability to acquire more goods from Skyrim’s Khajiit Caravans.

Considering Skyrim has been released numerous times over the course of its life in various forms and on various platforms, a Switch release wouldn't be a surprise. It's only surprising that the Anniversary Edition hasn't been released already.

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