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Skullgirls takedown request on PSN, XBLA issued by Konami

Konami has requested Skullgirls be removed from the PlayStation Network by December 17 and from Xbox Live Arcade by December 31, according to the game's design director Mike Zaimont.

The news was announced through the Skullgirls Weekly Stream channel on Twitch.

During the broadcast, and reported by Joystiq, Zaimont said Konami submitted the request without informing the co-publisher, Autumn Games.

He goes on to say that should the team finish up the new, self-published build of Skullgirls the QA team at Sony leave for the holidays, the content includes in the PC beta will be available "pretty immediately soon."

Should the deadline be missed, Skullgirls will be removed from PSN in every region - except for Japan as it was not published in the region by Konami.

The updated Xbox Live version will be published by Marvelous AQL and the license will transfer over to it on December 31 - sames day as the deadline. "[I don't know] if Marvelous can submit a build before that or not, but I'm making one on the off chance that they'll be able to," said Zaimont.

Should the worst happen, Skullgirls will be pulled until the QA teams can clear the builds and it is unknown whether current owners will be able to play online once Konami's version is pulled.

Back in November, Autumn Games and Konami “terminated their business relationship,” according to a post from Lab Zero Games CEO Peter Bartholow.

Autumn Games is now the sole publisher of Skullgirls on PS3, and as noted above, MarvelousAQL is the partner on Xbox 360.

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