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SimplyGames PS4 pre-order ransom is unlawful, says Trading Standards

PS4 pre-order customers who placed orders via UK retailer SimplyGames were told they had to pay more to secure their console at launch, sparking a wave of investigation and backlash. Britain's consumer legislation firm Trading Standards has deemed the ransom unlawful.

I reported on the initial issue here, and posted comment from SimplyGames stating that the site would not u-turn on its questionable practice.

Customers were told by the retailer that they had to grade-up their £349.99 order to a £414.99 bundle in order to secure their console. Later on, this email suggested that the store had reduced their demands to £399.99 instead.

CVG reports that the UK's Trading Standards body has now responded to the practice employed by SimplyGames. In a statement, a firm representative said, "You can have a contract where the price agreed is the price at the time of delivery, such as a new car on a long waiting list.

"Here the seller cannot control the product price months down the line. This appears to be profiteering. The seller is raising the price hoping people either drop out or pay more. If they drop out the seller can resell at a higher price to another customer".

Have you been impacted by this? What is your view on what SimplyGames is doing?

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