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SimCity's first mod goes live, creator discusses the modding process

SimCity developer Maxis recently published the first draft of its modding rules online, along with a call for creativity among the game's fan base. The title's first modded building has gone live, and its creator has discussed the method online.

The mod is for a building called Central Train Station, and it was crafted by Redditor oppie85. You can find images and the background of the mod here. It's an updated version of the same station they built for SimCity 4, although it had to be tweaked to fit SimCity's new lot settings.

Oppie85 writes, "I'm very proud to release the first true custom building model; a Central Train Station loosely based on a design I created for SimCity 4 back in the day. This is a proof-of-concept for the idea that we can eventually create custom models of similar quality to the ones we made for SimCity 4. Frankly this one still has a few rough edges, but consider that it's only the first - as I improve the process of creating buildings further they can only become more detailed and more impressive.”

"As more modding options might become available, these shortcomings might be amended," said Oppie about the need to change the station's lot size. "I'm also still working on tools to improve how we edit the lots, decals and other elements.”

What do you think of the mod?

Via PCGamesN.

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