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SimCity offline mode spotted in new EA survey

SimCity could be getting a new 'Classic Mode' that allows for offline play, according to a new survey sent to gamers by EA.

Originally discovered by a Reddit user, CVG reports that the survey asks gamers what new features they'd like to see in the game moving forward.

'Classic Mode' is explained as follows, "In offline or online mode, play a single functioning city using cheats and unlocks allowing you to create the perfect city."

More potential new features include:

  • Guilds
  • Bus and Street Car Lines
  • Bridge and underpass creator tool
  • Road and city name personalisation
  • One-way roads
  • Shared online events
  • Larger cities
  • A subway system
  • Terraforming
  • Co-op mode
  • Import The Sims
  • Military complex management
  • Crime syndicate management
  • A monorail
  • Cultural additions such as new museums

There are also hints of tools that will let players recreate elements of London. The survey reads, "Create a portion of London with Big Ben in your city, where you'll always know when it's time for tea. Includes Double Decker Bus Terminal that cuts down on traffic with their larger passenger capacities."

What do you make of the above? Is it odd to see offline play listed after Maxis said it couldn't be done? Let us know below.

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