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SimCity modded to allow unlimited offline play

SimCity has been modded to allow for uninterrupted offline play, following the spate of server issues that dogged the game when it launched last week.

Modder UKAzzer posted a video of his handiwork in action over on Reddit. He explains how the mod can be enacted by playing around with the game's debug mode.

Typically SimCity would kick gamers off after playing offline for 20 minutes. This mod removes the blog completely. It suggests that - contrary to what EA and Maxis has been saying - the game doesn't need to be online to run at all. But we don't know otherwise as nothing has been clarified on the matter.

Here's the clip:

Watch on YouTube

If you want the details on why SimCity has been causing gamers a mass headache, I strongly advise you read my round-up of the whole shitstorm. Check it out here.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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