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SimCity Mac release delayed into August, PC update inbound

EA Maxis has pushed back the OS-X port of SimCity, saying it needs a little more time in the oven. Meanwhile, the PC version still seems to be in the mixing bowl, with the next update addressing a bunch of issues and features.

To compensate Mac owners for the wait, EA Maxis announced it would extend the snadbox city builder's Launch Park offer so that all OS-X players will benefit.

In the meantime, Maxis is working on Update 5, which is due in "a couple of weeks" and focuses on improvements to multiplayer and multi-city play.

Preview notes are available through the link above, but in brief, the update introduces a number of new features to make region play easier, like an overhaul to chat; a filter for regions; trading control; regional missions and achievements; and better gifting.

Great Works are also getting an overhaul correcting errors like resource delivery trucks not reporting their resources delivered; the Arcology not performing as expected; and the solar farm being a bit squiffy.

Perhaps my favourite bit is that Sims will now be labelled "can't find work" rather than "out of money" where appropriate. Hooray!

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