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SimCity Airships Set has launched, will bring more tourists to your city

The SimCity Airships Set has launched for the game, and in addition to Airships, two new balloon parks are included with ten new balloons which will apparently make your Sims rather happy.

To purchase the Airships Set, just visit Origin and then restart your game in order for it to appear. The Airships Set comes with two Airships, a Commuter Airship that transports workers, and a Tourist Airship that brings in tourists.

The set also comes with two balloon parks containing the ten aforementioned balloons, and an Event Blimp for your SimCity stadium.

Airships will bring tourists and commuters to your city, and more will be able to show up due to a higher capacity than the base Municipal Bus, Passenger Train Station or Municipal Airport. Still less than a Cruise Ship Dock, though.

The Airships Set will run you $8.99.

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