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Silent Hill composer hints at new game coming soon

Something scary might be headed this direction.

It sure sounds like something Silent Hill related is on the way.

That's going by a now-removed video interview done with franchise composer Akira Yamaoka with Al Hub on YouTube, in which the musician said that he had been working on a new project that's set to announced this summer.

"You’ll probably hear something this summer to be announced," Yamaoka said. “I think it’s the one you’re kinda hoping to hear about."

As mentioned before, the video had been pulled from YouTube, with AlHub saying: "We thank you for your support which contributed to the spread of the interview that we published yesterday with Akira Yamaoka around the world. We were asked to remove the clip, and it has been removed. We apologise and stay tuned for the next interviews."

Who this video was taken down by isn't clear, but the fact that someone wanted it off the internet likely means whatever Yamaoka was talking about is a big deal.

Rumours of some new Silent Hill title have been rumbling for some time now. Publisher Konami killed Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills in 2015, leaving people with a hankering for haunted towns filled with the inner demons of the main characters.

Previously, Konami refuted rumours of both a Silent Hill reboot and a Silent Hills revival. Industry insider Imran Khan has said in the past that he feels the rumours are "credible".

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