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Showa American Story is an RPG set in an alternate version of the 80s

Looks kinda strange, but rather cool too.

Showa American Story is a new RPG in the works, which is being called an "enthusiastic love letter to the 80s' pop culture" with a strong taste of B-Movie goodness.

In it, you play as Choko, a teenage girl who was revived from the dead. After your miraculous resurrection, you will go on a journey of truth and revenge across the United States.

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Before the events of the game, the country underwent a Japanese "Cultural Colonization," then a mysterious catastrophic incident changed the whole world.

This event formed a wild post-apocalyptic world with zombies, monsters, and human survivors of different backgrounds and beliefs.

With many questions in her mind, surrounding the state of the world and why she has a mysterious power, Choko will travel across the country living in a customizable RV while meeting different people, overcoming difficulties, and trying to live a better life.

With a free-flowing combat style, you will fight against hordes of zombies and monsters, moving, attacking, and dodging in various fast-paced combat situations. You will have an arsenal of melee, ranged, and some strange weapons at your disposal to in which to choose and perfect your combat style.

You can also use different attack moves and abilities to fight your way through the different types of zombies, monsters, and bosses.

Showa American Story will release on PC, PS4, and PS5. It is currently without a release date.

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