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Shootmania Storm release date slips to April, new beta and screens ease pain

Shootmania Storm publisher Ubisoft has confirmed that Nadeo's creatively-charged shooter has slipped to an April release date. Ubisoft has also sent across two new screens to help ease our suffering, and has announced a new open beta phase for February.

In a press release sent to VG247 earlier today, Ubisoft confirmed that Shootmania Storm will now launch April 10th, and that starting February 12th, the game would enter a new open beta phase that will help the developer collate more feedback on the shooter, and attain a "higher level of polish".

The game follows Nadeo's TrackMania series in that gamers can create game modes and maps from Shootmania Storm's extensive toolkit. Ubisoft confirmed that to date, players had crafted 15 modes and over 20,000 maps. Nice going people.

We'll have more on the Shootmania Storm beta as it happens. Stay tuned.

Here are the two new screens, courtesy of Ubisoft:

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