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Frozenbyte's stealth action adventure Shadwen gets PC, PS4 release date and price

Creep through the shadows, ruin someone's day.


Frozenbyte's stealth action adventure Shadwen gets PC, PS4 release date and price

Shadwen will release on Linux, Mac, PC and PS4 on May 17, developer Frozenbyte has announced.

Although there are plenty of reasons to be interested in the stealth action adventure, Shadwen made headlines because Frozenbyte promised to drop the purchase price in line with demo participation. That's one way to compensate free testers, isn't it?

Perhaps as a result of this, Frozenbyte hasn't managed to enact price parity across all platforms and regions at launch. The mothership version on PC with go for "$14.55/€14.55 or less" during its launch discount period, rising to $17/€17 at full price. You can shop around for the best price on GeForce NOW, GOG, the Humble Store, the Mac App Store, Origin, the PSN and Steam.

In any case, it's significantly cheaper than the $31 Frozenbyte announced as its original target price, so I guess you did a good job.

Announced in December 2015, Shadwen gives players a choice of peaceful or violent resolutions to encounters. Choices made will have an effect on Lilly, an orphan who follows the protagonist around.

To make things easier, time does not advance when the player is stationary - something like Superhot. This boils the stealth down to tactics and puzzle-solving as much as smooth action, and you can rewind freely to try different strategies. Gadgets and physics puzzles allow for creative solutions.

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