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Shadowrun Returns dev's new project is roguelike Necropolis

Shadowrun Returns developer Harebrained Schemes has a new project on the go, and it's quite the departure.


According to Eurogamer, Necropolis is a third-person action roguelike headed to Linux, Mac and PC in 2016, with a console release on the cards.

Where Shadowrun Returns was turn-based, Necropolis employs a real-time action combat system, but Harebrained has promised it's not a brainless button masher. Dungeons are procedurally generated, and can even be re-rolled mid-playthrough.

Players will encounter a variety of monster enemies, with Cabin in the Wood cited as an inspiration for the range of foes. These enemies have their own inter-dependencies and ecology, and will attack each other where appropriate.

The story concerns a mad archmage and his AI, who trap the player in a mysterious world that is "much, much bigger on the inside than the outside".

Here's some concept art, which is all we have to show just now:



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