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Shadowrun: Hong Kong is funded just hours after launching on Kickstarter

The successor to Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, has already reached and surpassed its funding goal mere hours after launching its Kickstarter campaign.

shadowrun hong kong 1

Developer Harebrained Schemes had promised towards the end of last year that a standalone, Hong Kong-based sequel will return to Kickstarter this year, and they have surely delivered.

The campaign's initial asking goal was $100,000, a milestone that was easily achieved just hours after going live. At the time of writing, Shadowrun: Hong Kong has raised $308,469. The campaign has 11 stretch goals, three of which have already been attained.

The developer says that the game already has a budget and is targeting a mid-2015 release, but they chose to go to Kickstarter to increase said budget and add more features.

Shadowrun is a turn-based RPG in the classic style. The game is set in a cyberpunk universe where magic exists. There's plenty of reading, decision making, and lots of ordering dudes around.

Take a look at Kickstarter page if you want to see more. There's even a snippet of the game's soundtrack, which is composed by Jon Everist, who worked on the previous game.

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