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Selling Shiny Entertainment to Atari was "the worst mistake I ever made," says Perry

David Perry has said he regrets selling Shiny Entertainment to Atari in 2002.

Perry said selling the studio which launched Earthworm Jim was the "worst mistake," he ever made.

He and Shiny continued to work on games at Atari while VIS Entertainment made Earthworm Jim 3D.

"I never played it," said Perry. "I said to the CEO of Atari, 'if I rebuild the Earthworm Jim team, will you fund it', and he said he would. We rebuilt the team."

However, another Earthworm Jim from Shiny never came to pass.

"Atari said we were low on cash and they said they weren't going to start any new projects. It was embarrassing for me," said Perry.

Perry is currently working on a 3D game which is described as a "Deathchase-inspired charity project," for the iPad.

Via Gamespot.

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