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Sega: "No plans" for new Sega Rally title

Sega has said that it currently has no plans for a new Sega Rally title.

Mike Hayes, president of Sega West, told Eurogamer that it "constantly wrestles with what existing IP we should try and reignite."

His comments come ahead of the launch of Sega Rally Online this week.

"Have we got any plans for Sega Rally on any platform at the moment? The answer is no," said Hayes.

"But we constantly review those IPs to see if we can reinvent them. A lot of it is dependent on what those platforms can do. And of course the cost of development."

The last main title in the series, first created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi for when Sega was still in the hardware arms race with Saturn and for arcades in 1995, was Sega Rally back in 2007. The team who made the title, Racing Studio, closed down afterwards, but were immediately bought by Codemasters.

Sega Rally Online launches this Wednesday for Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS points. The release of the PS3 version will depend on when the PlayStation Store returns, as well as confirmation of a new date from Sega.

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