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Security expert: PSN still isn't safe

An ex-hacker turned security expert has claimed that the now fully-restored PlayStation Network is still unsafe from outside attacks from hackers.

Gregory Evans of Ligatt Security International, who served two years in federal prison whilst as a hacker, told IG that gamers could probably expect more hacks in the future.

"Even if Sony had never been hacked, when anybody goes online to do anything, play games, search the Internet… you’re always taking a risk that somebody might get your information. When you’re connected to your Wi-Fi and you’re playing online games it’s opening up hundreds of ports," said Evans.

"Each one of those ports is like a door that a hacker can use to bypass your firewall and get into your computer. In the gaming community, most people don’t even know this is happening. They just think I’m going online to play games and everything’s fine."

He continued further: "The problem remains that Sony and most big corporations have IT managers designing their networks and security. Even if these guys have a Master’s Degree or PhD from a school like MIT, that doesn’t make them a true security expert. It’s scary and these attacks will continue to happen."

Evans' remarks follows news last night that Sony Pictures website was hacked, with 1,000,000 passwords compromised by the external intrusion.

The group behind the hack, LuizSec, said that passwords weren't encrypted, and were stored in plain text.

The Sony Pictures hack comes just a day after PSN was fully restored following an hacking which seen the service go down and personal data of 77 million users compromised.

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