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"Second-person" shooter Screencheat coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Goldeneye players should be familiar with the concept of screencheating, which is what this new indie is all about.


Screencheat has been on our radars for a while but has now been confirmed for PS4, sparking a new wave of interest with a trailer and PS Blog post.

However, it was one of a number of games confirmed for Xbox One last month, and was also featured in a recent Xbox Newswire post.

The main conceit of Screencheat is that you can't see other players: you need to look at their portion of the splitscreen display to figure out where they are. This even works in online play.

However, it also has a bunch of cool other features, like a single shot mode where every players must fire before you get another go, and another described as a murder mystery. There are ten maps and also ten guns, each apparently very different from each other, although all of them are one hit kills.

Take a look below. Screencheat is due on both PS4 and Xbox One later this year; the console version supports up to eight players, whereas the Linux, Mac and PC build, which you can grab now, only caters to four, apparently.

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