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Scribblenauts Unlimited PC gets TF2 tie-in, console launch trailer here

Scribblenauts Unlimited pre-orders on Steam will unlock a Team Fortress 2 hat modelled after Maxwell's rooster cap.

The Cockfighter, as it is known, comes in both red and pink and was revealed in a tweet from the official Scribblenauts account.

Unfortunately, the Steam version is not yet listed outside of the US, but if you're on the lucky side of the Atlantic divide, you can get on board here. It launches on November 20 and costs $30.

Below you'll find the game's Wii U launch trailer. It's a launch title for the new console, which hits the US on November 18 and Europe on November 30, but RipTen reports it's already available at US retail. The 3DS version is also available now in the US.

Watch on YouTube

Thanks, Polygon.

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