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Schafer: Double Fine is not an "art-house" developer


Tim Schafer has said Double Fine's not an artsy developer, as its focus is to make marketable games, not necessarily eccentric ones, citing Psychonauts and Brutal Legend as prime examples.

While some of Schafer's titles have been less than remunerative, this lack of commercial success has given his studio the reputation as an "art-house" developer, which is something he feels is an inaccurate description.

"I hate that title," Schafer told Games TM magazine. "I think it’s the worst title ever. I think people want that to be the story – it’s a good story to tell – but Psychonauts, if you really look at it, is a very commercial game, and Brutal Legend is too.

"We were trying to sell out with every game we made since the first one! There’s definitely not any sort of drive to become exclusive, art-house content. I think we’re making very accessible games, and I think we’ll keep doing that until one of them is a huge hit and then people won’t say that anymore.

"They’ll say, 'Double Fine sold out!', and we’ll say, 'We were trying to sell out with every game we made since the first one!'"

The latest from Double Fine is the digital-only title Costume Quest, which is slated for PSN and XBL in early 2011.

Via NowGamer.

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