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Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers looks to be Namco Bandai's PS3 reveal

Bas news, Solatorobo fans - Namco Bandai's teaser is probably for Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers rather than a new CyberConnect2 game.

Harvesting the latest issue of Shonen Jump, Gematsu reports Namco Bandai has revealed the PlayStation 3 fighter for a northern autumn release in Japan.

The latest in a series, Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers features characters from the Sanctuary to Elysion chapters, as well as The Lost Canvas and Omega, including Pegasus Seiya, Phoenix Ikki, Andromeda Shun, Cygnus Hyoga, Dragon Shiryu, Gemini Saga, Kaiou Poseidon and Meiou Hades.

Saint Seiya games are not always localised for release outside Japan. I am less interested in discussing that than in weeping into my cornflakes over the continued absence of CyberConnect2's Strelka Stories.

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