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Ryse's QTE's extremely rewarding to gamers who master them - Crytek

Crytek has issued a statement defending Ryse's controversial quick time event based combat to Mark Serrels of Kotaku AU, who posted some none-too-flattering impressions of the title last week.

While Crytek acknowledge that "new players will be able to enjoy the game and pull off amazing-looking executions by pressing a basic combination of buttons", the company claims "the full depth of the combat system can only be achieved by timing the execution prompts correctly".

While the E3 demo contained eight unique kill animations, Crytek promises "around 100" in the final product. This might be a problem for player on the "hardest difficulty mode" however, where "button prompts will not appear during execution sequences, so players will have to memorize and carefully read Marius’s body movements to determine which buttons to press and when".

That's a lot of QTE's to memorise via muscular movements. Crytek assured Serrels that removing the HUD added "additional layers of skill and strategy".

The statement said that the company was looking forward to revealing more of the "breadth and depth" of the game's "non-punitive combat system" in the months leading up to launch in November, alongside the Xbox One.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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