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Ryan Reynolds could have played Nathan Drake in that r-rated Uncharted movie

A-Team and Smokin' Aces director Joe Carnahan has revealed that Ryan Reynolds was "very, very close" to signing up to the ill-fated Uncharted movie in the lead role.

Carnahan's script seems to have been axed in favour of a new project staring Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland focusing on the young Nathan Drake, but back in 2016 when Carnahan was on board the Deadpool and Detective Pikachu actor was number one choice.

"It was definitely skewed to an adult audience and I think that Ryan Reynolds was very, very close to doing it and they called his options on Deadpool and took him out of consideration. But I think he was really close to playing Drake," Carnahan told Discussing Film.

"My version of Uncharted was we spent a few pages with a 14 year-old Drake like in the third [game]. And then you went to the Drake that everybody knows. The script was fantastic, I was very, very pleased with how the script came out. It was really entertaining, funny and it worked. Who knows, they might use portions of it."

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Carnahan said his vision for Drake was close to the original games, and that he wanted the approval of Uncharted's original writer Amy Hennig. He added that he is no fan of Uncharted 4 creative director Neil Druckmann, seemingly suggesting he's some sort of hack.

"Ultimately I wanted to make Amy happy, it was her creation," he said.

"I think whatshisface - I'm not a fan - the guy that kind of stole credit for it..."

When Discussing Film mentioned Druckmann by name, Carnahan added, "Yeah, that jerkoff. Whatever, there was a bit of saboteuring there going on with Naughty Dog.

"Amy created that world and she was the one that I really wanted to please. That other guy, whatever the hell his name is, he's a hitchhiker."

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