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Rumoured delay to Western TERA release


Korean-language interviews have sparked speculation that Bluehole's fantasy MMORPG The Exiled Realms of Arborea - commonly known, thankfully, as TERA - will again miss its supposedly international release, opening doors in Japan well before North American and European beta testing begins.

Korean-language site ThisIsGame spoke with Kang-Suk Kim, CEO of TERA developer Bluehole, about the game's expected release schedule.

Kim reportedly confirmed a Japanese launch in the first half of 2011, and added that US and European testing would begin one month later. The CEO refused to be pinned down on specifics, commenting only that all three territories would see launch this year, with a simultaneous release for Western territories.

The interview was translated on TERAfans where hopeful players reacted with rage and disappointment at what is perceived as an unacceptable delay to a promised "early 2011" release.

Thanks, Massively!

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