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Rumor - Heavenly Sword 2 in the works, more coming at E3

And here's another rumor for you today: A UK gaming magazine is claiming that Heavenly Sword 2 is in the works.

According to PlayGamer (via The Silent Chief), the next game will be set 10 years after the first one, and is an open-world sandbox title.

Missions will be replayable within an interactive environment, and you will have to earn the famous sword in the game by mastering various different disciplines of martial arts.

The magazine suggests players will start out with basic hand-to-hand combat before moving onto more intense physical combat learnings before being able to wield the Heavenly Sword.

More information at E3 is expected according to the article.

Last year, Ninja Theory boss Tameem Antoniades said he had thought about putting Nariko in Hell should a sequel be created, and Kai would be playable "in the real world and would communicate with Nariko and try and help rescue her soul," and that Kai would transform from a “teenage girl to old woman.”

This was just an idea though, and not confirmation of a sequel or anything else.

Ninja Theory has since released Enslaved,and is currently at work on a Devil May Cry reboot for Capcom - something we have not heard about in a bloody age or three.

We'll send a mail.

Thanks, Gek.

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