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Rumor: Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die to release in North Amercia

A scan from of the latest Nintendo Power suggests that Chunsoft's Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die is to be released in North America by Aksys. According to the scan, posted by GoNintendo, the follow-up 999: Nine Hours, Nine Doors, Nine Persons will be released on 3DS later this year in the fall. The title was released in Japan for Vita as well, but the article doesn't mention that bit - it is a Nintendo-centric magazine after all. The news follows a tease Aksys put on its website a couple weeks back stating: "You might want to pick up the next Nintendo Power, on stands on 2/28, for a very special announcement." According to Siliconera, the firm also teased a "mystery game" heading to our fair shores in the fall as well - back in December.  Sounds as though all signs are pointing to yes on this one despite the "No comment" from Aksys on the matter to the site.

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