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Rumor - Atari readying Neverwinter Nights MMO announce


Rumor has it Atari's getting ready to finally announce the Dungeons & Dragons title its been keeping secret for the past two years or so.

The rumor it's a Neverwinter Nights MMO is an old one, but it was recently given thicker legs at GenCon (via Critical Hits) when an Atari rep told the crowd the firm has an "announcement coming about some kind of D&D video game" but were unable to "talk about it" at the event.

While the Atari rep never went into specifics, the reason folks are thinking its Neverwinter Nights is due to some interesting domain registrations Superannuation pulled out of the internet abyss and onto the front page.

Here is the listing of the domains found:

While domain registrations are not always a confirmation of a game title or an announcement (We could cite dozens of examples - Ed.), it's still enough to get folks excited.

Loads of fans have been waiting ages on at least something NWN-related and it's also been rumored for a while Cryptic will helm the project, which doubles the MMO rumblings.

Cryptic is set to announce its next game in late summer, meaning it should happen sometime before September 22 if the schedule is adhered to.

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