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Roundabout casting call wants to record fans in "glorious 1080p"

Roundabout, Dan Teasdale's new game about a rotating limo driver, makes use of cutting-edge video game technology (hem hem) to capture real people's likenesses in-game. No Goblin would quite like these people to be you.

Well, assuming you're in the US; the application form mentions you'll need to be able to show up at a capital city, but I'm guessing Sydney, Tokyo, Paris and Minsk are off the table, you know?

The video below explains the prospect so give it a goggle.

No Goblin is a new indie founded by Teasdale, a veteran of Harmonix, Pandemic and Twisted Pixel, along with mysterious art collaborator Panzer. We had a chat with him about his latest project, asking, for example, whether 1977 is the best year (spoilers; yes). Roundabout is coming to PC and unannounced consoles this year. You can pre-purchase it for a discount.

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