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Double Fine's Kickstarter game may go "old school 2D", rewards announced for contributing

Prior to launching the Kickstarter campaign, Double Fine's Tim Schafer sat down for a chat with Ron Gilbert, the man who hired him long ago at LucasArts.

During the chat, the duo looked back on what "they did right, where they went wrong, and how they'll do things differently" with the new moving forward with the new point-n-click graphic adventure game they have in the works.

According to the video, the new game may go the old school route by being 2D instead of 3D, with Schafer pointing out that it would enhance the game art created by Nathan Stapley.

"One of the things I miss about 2D graphic adventures is that you're able to have a great artist expressing themselves directly on the screen without 3D shaders or complicated technology changing or altering their vision.

"I like the idea of hand painted backgrounds so it's now it's a question of whether the characters should be hand painted and animated also."

Gilbert piped in saying he agreed that it should be "2D old school," which would make it "more interesting than 3D" while emphasizing "the art of the artist."

If you head on over to Double Fine's Kickstarter page, which is linked to above, the firm notes some rewards those who contribute to the project will receive:

  • The Digital Soundtrack of the Documentary ($30 reward tier) Listen to the awesome game soundtrack at the same time as the awesome documentary soundtrack.
  • Special edition box containing both the game disc and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the documentary ($100 reward tier).
  • The Double Fine Adventure Book ($60 reward tier for a digital PDF, $500 reward tier for a physical copy). Filled with concept art, developer bios, excerpts from the game’s script, and deep dark secrets, this book will further expand on this entire adventure. It will be made available both as a super nice, mantel-ready hardcover book in the $500 reward tier, and as a digital PDF in the $60 reward tier for people who just want to read it on the crapper with their iPads.

As of today, February 25, the project has netted $2,178,524 and 64,072 people have contributed to the project. If you would like to add to the collection, you have 17 more days before the round of funding closes.

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