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Rollcage spiritual successor GRIP now on Steam Early Access

Rollcage should have produced thousands of sequels. I should be living in a fort made of Rollcage games.


Remember Rollcage? Published by Wipeout developer Psygnosis, it provided a different take on futuristic racing: rather than frictionless hovercraft, it was all about traction, granting skilled players opportunities to career wildly across walls and ceilings in their dash for the finish line.

With a small but thoughtful arsenal of weapons, an astonishing amount of personality and what was, at the time, a terrific soundtrack, Rollcage is one of those PSOne titles that inspires heavy, fervent nostalgia. And with good reason; apart from a quickly produced sequel the following year, its legacy has been ignored by the games industry.

Until now, obviously. With a development team boasting a couple of Attention to Detail veterans, GRIP is intended to fill that awful gap in the market. Having cancelled a Kickstarter back in August, the project has moved on to Steam Early Access, where you can pick it up for $16.

Early user reviews are very positive, and I am deeply saddened that my gaming PC is pretty much out of action at this time. Luckily Caged Element are planning on a PS4 release if possible, although goodness knows when. Here's a glorious new trailer.

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