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New Rock Band in the works for PS4, Xbox One - report

A report from Bloomberg states a new Rock Band game is in the works for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This is according to a source who wished not to be named.

Rock Band Blitz was the last title in the series to be released, and recently, new DLC was made available for Rock Band 3.

Two polls have also been released asking participants to check off a list of features they wish to see if a new iteration was developed.

A couple of us here at VG247 were a bit sad when the franchise went dark. However, hope was renewed back in May 2014 when Harmonix co-founder and CEO Alex Rigopulos stated in an AMA the franchise would "be back” at some point.

We're keeping hope alive, at least, and hopefully, we will be able to dust off our old plastic instruments soon - if they are compatible with the new consoles.

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