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Rise of tablet and smartphone gaming "undeniable," but the devices can be "our allies,"says Nintendo executive

Scott Moffitt, Nintendo's executive vice-president of sales and marketing, believes tablets and smartphone are the firm's "allies" in a market where the tech's growth as a gaming device is "undeniable."

Speaking during the BMO 2012 Digital Media Conference this week, Moffitt said its "undeniable the growth of tablets and their ability to play games," is creating a "tougher environment"; however, when looking at internal data, the tablet market isn't "a zero-sum game."

"The DS didn't have competition from tablets and smartphones, and yet we are outpacing the rate of sale for the DS," said Moffitt. "These are seemingly conflicting data points. Obviously we see a rise in new competitive products, but we are seeing better results in a tougher environment."

Moffitt said tablets and smartphones can be Nintendo's allies as the devices provide a way for users to easily find Nintendo websites and products information.

Nintendo launches its new console, Wii U, later this month and it comes with its own "tablet-like" controller.

Thanks, Polygon.

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