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Good news: Hirabayashi has submitted his Resident Evil 2 remake pitch to Capcom

It appears the prayers of Resident Evil 2 fans wanting a remake may have been answered. Or are at least in the process of being answered.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, known as "H" on the official Facebook page, said he recently presented his concept for a remake.

After development on Resident Evil HD Remaster finished, Hirabayashi said he started putting together ideas for a RE2 project.

Here's his Facebook post in full, via Gematsu:

“Hello RE fans! This is H again! Right after the RE HD Remaster project was finished, I actually started putting together my ideas for this ‘RE2 Project’. So, I just brushed it up and went to see my boss to present the basic concept of the project already…”

He posted an image of his presentation paperwork titled Biohazard 2: New Rebirth Project. It's below.

Hirabayashi has worked as a producer on various Resident Evil titles and as a programmer on Resident Evil 2.

Earlier this week, Capcom took to the official Resident Evil Facebook page to ask fans their "honest and frank opinion" on the Unreal Engine 4 fan project, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and if they would like to see a remaster for a full on remake of the title.

Hirabayashi took to the page later in the day to tell the community he was asked whether he could create "a worth-seeing game to answer these fans full of passion."

Hopefully, we'll know soon whether to expect a Resident Evil 2 revamp or HD upgrade, and it's all thanks to a vocal and dedicated fanbase.


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